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"Recog" is a character recognition application for BREW embedded devices with cameras. It is coded in C++ using SophiaFramework UNIVERSE.

* To run the srouce code of Recog, download the free evaluation edition of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE.

Character-Recognition Application for BREW "Recog"

Screen Shot

Recog is an application that recognizes characters photographed by a BREW enabled phone's camera, using the complex PARCOR coefficient method.

Upper case letters of the alphabet written in MS Gothic font are the characters it can recognize.(Current version recognizes only one letter at a time)

Recog is coded in C++, using SophiaFramework UNIVERSE.

Given that camera functions are extremely machine dependent, Recog is insured to work only on W22H handsets ( Japanese BREW phone ).

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Instructions written in the following pages assume that readers already have experience with the BREW resource editor and handling camera functions with SophiaFramework UNIVERSE.