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SophiaFramework UNIVERSE Maintenance


Maintenance of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE includes:

  1. The license fee of this product in the second or higher year will be included in the maintenamce fee.
  2. follow-up support until the incident is resolved without any additional costs
  3. free upgrade to updated bug-free versions or new releases of the product as they become available
  4. enhancement request for later versions
  5. one-to-one e-mail support

Hours of availability: Monday through Friday, 10:00 - 17:00 Tokyo time

Note: It may take a while to reply you when we receive your e-mail or web case submission during off-business hours.


The annual Maintenance cost is 25% of the purchase price of the product.

* Renewing the Maintenance contract to have another full-year of Maintenance after the license has expired is not available unless you purchase another product.
* To order Maintenance after purchasing the product, you must purchase another product license.


A single Maintenance contract is valid for one year from the day after the product is shipped.

* To cancel or terminate the Maintenance contract, please contact us at least three months prior to the expiration date.
* We do not refund Maintenance fees.

Contract after purchasing the product or the expiration of the annual maintenance contract

Less than 1 year period after that, you can contract the annual maintenance service.

But in this case, the annual maintenance cost is 75% of the purchase price of the product.