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SophiaFramework UNIVERSE Concept

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Handsets today are continuously adding new features like FeliCa, music players, television, etc. New trends in Web 2.0 are also making their way into the world of mobile Internet.

The scale and complexity of applications that exploit these features are creating problems concerning development costs and increase of software bugs.

A solution, called the Object-Oriented approach, is to use a combination of modules to accelerate application development.


BREW is a common application platform for mobile handsets developed by QUALCOMM INC. BREW applications work on any BREW phone regardless of the model or hardware manufacturer.

BREW also allows small segments of software called modules to be reused, therefore enabling feature-rich applications to be created more efficiently and rapidly.

Think Different

When assembling cars, Henry Ford changed his strategy from "how to allot workers to each operation" to "how to allot operations to each worker". This method dramatically lowered productions costs and allowed the car market, previously too expensive for most people, to be extended to a broader segment.

This same method may also be applied to the mobile software applications industry.

The traditional development procedure for mobile applications was to allocate several programmers working on the same parts of code, made from scratch every time.

The Object-Oriented approach combines appropriate modules from a standardized development framework, and has each developer focus on a particular part of the development process, which he then shares, with the rest of the team.

The productivity of application development is improved, as is the maintainability of the application, due to the modularization enabling parts to be reused and replaced easily.

BREW with C++

SophiaFramework UNIVERSE is a development environment for BREW C++ that enables the efficient development of Web2.0 BREW applications with cool GUIs.

It offers a complete application framework including a variety of C++ class libraries and a GUI framework that are both reusable and extendable.

BREW applications have characteristic parts, and common technical parts. Examples of the technical parts include the GUI, and event handling for SOAP / XML, POP3 / SMTP and HTTP / HTTPS communication. These parts change very little between applications.

By leaving the technical parts to SophiaFramework UNIVERSE, the developer can focus on creating an engaging and original characteristic part of the application.

How is the Development Accelerated ?

pazzleWhen solving a jigsaw puzzle, which part takes more time to complete: the first half or the second half?

The answer is the first.

The same can be said for application development. The first half of the application requires much more development hours than the second half.

SophiaFramework UNIVERSE offers basic modules that correspond to the first half of a jigsaw puzzle. Therefore, the only work left to do is programming the specifics of the application.

As a result, SophiaFramework UNIVERSE significantly reduces development costs and time-to-market.