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The world's first GPS-Linked Astronomical Clock for BREW

"pclock" is the world's first GPS-linked astronomical clock application for BREW. It uses BREW GPS functions, and performs complex astronomical calculations.


pclock Specifications

1. About pclock

pclock is a GPS-Linked world clock with astronomical functions.

pclock has the following features:

2. User Instructions

2.1. Activate the Calendar

pclock default

At default status, astronomical information is displayed in the bottom half of the screen.

pclock calendar

Push the center "choice" key to activate the calender.

( Push "choice" again to return to default screen. )

2.2. Change the Date

The cursor on the calendar moves when a "directional key" is pushed.

Move to another day and push the "choice" key, to view that day's astronomical information.

moving cursor   ->   new day's info

Pushing any "number" key, or the "Clear" key will get the cursor back on the current day.

Push "Soft key 3" to display the previous month, and "Soft key 4" to display the next month.

2.3. Setting Cities

To check a particular city's time:

1. Push "Soft key 2 ( setup )" to display the settings page

2. Choose "Select City" and push the center key

3. The selected city's local time is indicated

settings page

To add a new city:

1. Go to the city selection menu and push "Soft key 1 ( addition )"

2. The GPS will get the Lat/Long and height data of the current position.

3. A new city is added when "Soft key 1 ( registration )" is pushed again.

enter new city   ->   GPS info

Lat/Long data may also be entered manually when adding a new city

2.4. Setting the alarm

To set the alarm:

1. Get back to the default screen.

2. Push "Soft key 2 ( setup )" choose "Set Alarm", then push the "Select key".

3. Use the dialog boxes to set the alarm, then push "Soft key 1" to register the alarm.

3. Caution