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Press Release 2003


Dec. 16, 2003 : Venture Now
Sophia Cradle develops virtual desktop for BREW-equipped handsets

Dec. 12, 2003 : Nikkei Industrial Newspaper
SophiaWindows article on Nikkei Industrial Newspaper, p.1

Nov. 28, 2003 : Nikkei Industrial Newspaer
SophiaCompress(BREW) article on Nikkei Industrial Newspaer, p.21
Internet Article
 K-tai Watch
 ZDNet Mobile

Nov. 19, 2003
Upgrade of SophiaFramework, development framework for BREW
Internet Article
 K-tai Watch
 ZDNet Mobile

Nov. 06, 2003
Sophia Cradle releases BREW utility tool
Internet Article
 K-tai Watch
 ZDNet Mobile

Oct. 31, 2003
The sixth SophiaFramework application by MTI Ltd.
Internet Article
 K-tai Watch
 ZDNet Mobile

Oct. 24, 2003
Introduction to BREW Programming (Every Friday, series of 10) on ZDNet Mobile
1. Installing BREW SDK
2. Make "HelloWorld" program
3. Draw on a screen
4. BREW string
5. What is event processing?
6. Draw bitmap
7. More about drawing
8. Use files
9. Make sounds
10. Run on a handset

Oct. 17, 2003 : BREW JAPAN.COM
Article by Sophia Cradle chief software architect Junshi Horiguchi on BREW JAPAN.COM

Oct. 06, 2003 : Nikkei Newspaper
Sophia Cradle article on Nikkei Newspaper, p. 20, October 6, 2003

Sep. 18, 2003
The fifth SophiaFramework application by MTI Ltd.

Sep. 08, 2003 : Nikkei Newspaper
SophiaFramework article on Nikkei Newspaper, p.17

Sep. 08, 2003 : The Kyoto Economic Journal
Article on The Kyoto Economic Journal - Sophia Cradle develops new framework for mobile phone application platform

Aug. 21, 2003
MTI Ltd. releases two more mobile phone applications in which SophiaFramework was used in the development

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 K-tai Watch
 ZDNet Mobile

Aug. 19, 2003
Sophia Cradle releases new package for SophiaCompress
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 ZDNet Mobile

Aug. 07, 2003 : ITmedia Mobile
SophiaFramework - Helps Java programmers to easily develop BREW applications

Aug. 01, 2003 : Sun Developer News
"Aim for a professional engineer! Our venture spirit is still there. The victory lies in front of us."

Jul. 14, 2003 : ITmedia Mobile
Sophia Cradle participates in the biggest wireless and mobile exhibition in Japan, Expo Comm Wireless Japan 2003

Jul. 09, 2003 : C.media
SophiaFramework article on Mobile RF Magazine, issued by C.media

Apr. 04, 2003 : DENPA Newspaper
Mobile Business From Kansai: Sophia Cradle puts efforts in developing common platform for mobile applications

Mar. 27, 2003
MTI Ltd. develops communication software for BREW, "Minna de Apple," using Sophia Cradle's SophiaFramework and SophiaAgent
Internet Article
 K-tai Watch
 ZDNet Mobile
 Venture Now

Mar. 14, 2003
Sophia Cradle releases SophiaCompress v2.2
Internet Article
 Venture NOW article 1
 Venture Now article 2
 ZDNet Mobile
 K-tai Watch

Feb. 19, 2003
MTI Ltd. releases "Cho-Search," the first application developed with SophiaFramework
 K-tai Watch
 ZDNet Mobile

Jan. 06, 2003
Article on Sun Developer Conncetion: "Sophia Cradle, Inc. presents Technical Information for Small Device: Letfs create Mobile Instant Messenger with J2ME/MIDP"
1. Mobile phone Java and instant messaging
2. Specifications, design and implementation (specifications of improve and burdens of MIDP)
3. Specifications, design and implementation (designing, implementing and emulator-running of improve)
4. Let's run on the handset (downsizing)
5. A hint for constructing interface
6. Handset support and future vision of mobile phones