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Company : Sophia Cradle Incorporated


Corporate Philosophy

Create Progressive and Comfortable Software

Our Mission

To implement the comfortable development environment with progressive software technology.

Our Conduct Guideline

Always output the codes of quality as follows.

  1. Elegant
  2. Reusable and mathematical
  3. Fastest and smallest

The Origin of "Sophia Cradle"


"Sophia" is a Greek word with a variety of meanings, such as knowledge, reason, prudence, and intuition. The English equivalent is "wisdom," essential for living a fulfilling and peaceful life.


The word "cradle" has many symbolic meanings, and we especially tie its significance to the "cradle of civilization" and many other places of origin. The cradle is also a symbol of birth and protection.

In other words, "Sophia Cradle" signifies "the cradle of knowledge." We named our company "Sophia Cradle" with the idea of creating and fostering products on the basis of intelligence and sensibility, and with the hope that it will be a place where new ideas start and flourish.

Our Point of View on Business

We are firmly convinced that business cannot be done without individuals and the linkage between them.

The essence of our business is to contribute to society by realizing unfulfilled market needs that are socially necessary and important. To achieve such an ideal business style, we value and understand the abilities, talents and individual characters of the people who work together at Sohia Cradle.

The business itself at Sophia Cradle will evolve with changing structure of our teams and market trends as time goes by. Therefore, our consistent business policy is to use our staff's wisdom to realize what is needed in the market by being always updated and aware of the trends.