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Introduction to BREW

What's BREW ?

BREW is a platform for developing applications that work on different types of handsets.

 BREW Today

BREW is Fast, Lightweight and Extendable


BREW works directly on handset chips. It can take a Java application up to 10 seconds to load on a handset, BREW only needs one second.


BREW works with small memory allocation. This is a vital factor for mobile handsets with strict memory limitations. It also meets the need to pack as many functions as possible in a mobile handset.

"Extensions available"

Third parties can add their own extensions to BREW. When the extension is used, the developer receives a portion of the profit.

BREW can be equipped on any handsets and its security is guaranteed by Qualcomm's verification system.

Why BREW ?

Camera, movie, GPS, radio, TV. Mobile phones are no longer mere communication tools these days.

As new sophisticated functions are introduced, the developers of these functions need to be specialists.

Thus handset developers can fully focus on hardware, while for instance game creators can concentrates on game development. Each function is built by a "Specialist".

This will allow the functions will improve and end users will have multi function handsets at inexpensive prices.

BREW application platform makes this possible.

BREW Handset Architecture

BREW Handset Architecture

The figure above shows how BREW overcomes hardware differences. It is a platform where all kinds of applications can be loaded onto any phone.

Double Your Profit with BREW

Once a BREW application is developed, it needs only to be setup on the BREW Distribution System ( BDS ), where developers and operators can set the charges at will.

BDS automatically bills users on their existing monthly statements, and the application developer receives a portion of this profit.

Any application once developed for BREW can work just the same on any BREW handsets worldwide. So there is no need to build many versions of the same application.

Why don't you give it a try?

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