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Sophia Cradle Upgrades SophiaCompress(Java), Deleting Unnecessary Interface etc.

New features include: deletion of unused classes, methods, interfaces; compression wizard; support for Willcom Java


KYOTO — February 28, 2006 — Sophia Cradle Incorporated (Headquarter: Kyoto; CEO: Kazunori Sugiyama), an innovative developer of mobile phone software, today announced to release SophiaCompress(Java) [*1] 4.0, an upgraded version of its leading-edge compression technology for mobile Java applications, on March 6. Main features of the new version are: deletion of unused classes, methods and interfaces, a compression wizard, and a support for Willcom Java.

Full Story

Sophia Cradle releases an upgraded compression tool for mobile Java applications SophiaCompress(Java) 4.0 on March 6. Compression rate is enhanced by deletion of unused classes, methods and interfaces. Other new features include a compression wizard and a support for Willcom Java.

Today, mobile phone Java applications, which are often equipped with database, financial transactions, camera, FeliCa and a Quick Response code functions, are one of the most important business solutions for stock and banking companies. Since these applications must be reliable and work fast, programmers are required to use a proven and tested compression tool that enables a very high compression rate like SophiaCompress(Java).

New Features of SophiaCompress(Java) 4.0

  1. Deletion of unused classes, methods and interfaces
  2. Wizard for easier compression of an application
  3. Automation of some environmental settings such as specifying a JDK path and preverifier
  4. Compression of multiple applications at a time
  5. Support for Willcom Java

Pricing and Availability
Free Trial is available at the Sophia Cradle website from March 6. A full-featured product is JPY 300,000 per license (without tax).

SophiaCompress(Java) URL:

Free Trial URL:

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User Interface of SophiaCompress(Java) 4.0

1. Environmental settings window

Environmental settings window

2. Window for compressing single application

Window for compressing single application

3. Window for compressing multiple applications

Window for compressing multiple applications


[*1] SophiaCompress(Java)

Software released by Sophia Cradle in July 2003, for compressing mobile phone Java applications, supporting all Java specifications of major network operators around the world. SophiaCompress(Java) compresses a Java application in compiled JAR format to be run on a handset. It is adopted by major content providers, game makers and system integrators, making it the de facto standard of the compression tool industry for mobile phone Java applications.

About Sophia Cradle

Sophia Cradle Incorporated is a mobile phone software developer which currently specializes in BREW C++, GUI middleware and mobile Java. Founded in 2002, Sophia Cradle aims to render services to the improvement of everyone's quality of life by creating innovative mobile Internet technology. For more information about Sophia Cradle, please visit www.s-cradle.com/english/.